A sustainable feel good destination

Exotic Garden ©Inu

Monaco is where Green is the new Glam. More than a dream holiday destination, Monaco is where luxury goes hand-in-hand with sustainability.

Sustainable development and protection of the environment have always been the top priorities for the Prince’s Government.  Monaco is a sustainable destination with a proactive development policy, led by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Monaco Government, driven by the mission to be carbon neutral by 2050, has unveiled several measures to be followed by all local stakeholders to ensure that the Principality meets the targets for sustainability. The framework of Monaco’s commitment to sustainable development includes the setting up of a ‘Mission for Energy Transition’, which manages a fund to support green initiatives, with grants to help local businesses make the transition to renewable energy sources.

The tourism sector in Monaco is adhering to the environmentally friendly policy upheld by the Government of Monaco. All those involved are committed to creating a new, more responsible brand of tourism and are putting solutions in place to optimise resource management. The destination and its partners are working hard to protect and preserve water resources and biodiversity and lead the way in the fight against global warming.

Find out how your clients can travel ‘green’ in the Principality, contributing to the protection of the environment, with the Green Access Guide.

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Hotel Industry

Monaco’s hotel industry is one of the most active sectors when it comes to protecting the environment. “Green Teams” have been formed within hotels to develop and implement concrete solutions to reduce their ecological footprint. The main areas for improvement are water consumption, energy savings and recycling. The commitment of hotels is confirmed by a wealth of environmental certifications and labels that they hold.

Monaco City Map © Direction de la Communication_ Manuel Vitali

Green Transportation

Monaco is one of the most sustainable places with all public vehicles being either electric, hybrid or biofuel. The Government provides free charging stations for electric vehicles and offers financial incentives for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars. Reusable sea water is also used for the cooling towers of major buildings – a real country of the future!

Jessica Sbaraglia ©Terrae

Green Food/Organic Products

Monaco is a benchmark in urban agriculture and has one of the largest private city farms in the world. Led by the organic farming start-up Terrae, which was founded in 2016, several local projects have been created to cultivate eco-friendly fruit and vegetable gardens high on the rooftops of Monaco. Locally sourced organic produce has become the norm.

Exotic Garden ©Direction de la Communication

Parks & Gardens

Monaco has more than 20% of its total area covered by green space. Careful not to lose its roots under urban development, the Principality has established a solid policy of garden and park development, with more than 43 hectares, huge for a city-state of only 202 hectares, making it Europe’s second-greenest city after Vienna. Monaco has a total of 7 Parks and gardens, 11 886 trees and 933 Patrimonial trees.

The Princess Grace Rose Garden, where visitors can admire almost 180 varieties and around 4,000 roses surrounded by their wonderful fragrance, and the Exotic Garden, where Prince Albert I launched archaeological excavations, may be among the best known. However, the Principality has many parks and gardens to discover, including:

  • Japanese Garden
  • St. Martin Gardens
  • Little Africa Gardens
  • Boulingrins Gardens
  • Princess Antoinette Park
  • UNESCO Gardens on the Fontvieille Terraces